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Maximized speed

Working the innovative soop way, our expert network creates solutions much faster than you experienced with consulting in the past. As our customer you define when you need the results - we promise, you will get them!

Highest quality standards

We achieve the extraordinary level of delivery quality by utilizing our highly qualified soop expert network. Experts collaborate and compete in a flexible manner, depending on the type of project defined by our customers. All experts are motivated to deliver their ultimate best for our clients, since only those deliverables selected by the client will result in payments to the expert.

Minimized risk

Using soop services guarantees transparency and therefore ensures compliance with your internal purchasing requirements. As our solution proposals are cross-checked and validated within the expert network, you can be assured you will only receive solutions that satisfy your internal standards and rules.

Optimized solution proposals

The soop expert network utilizes iterative assessment and evaluation loops to ensure that the best alternatives are pre-selected. This enables you to pick amongst a set of high quality options.

Validated Know-how

Soop experts undergo a strict application procedure in which we verify that they have a proven track record within their field. All experts need to provide a number of project references that we will check before onboarding an expert. So you can be assured you will get what our clients deserve: the best service only.

Significant cost reduction

Your project cost can be significantly reduced as we guarantee time savings and the most innovative method to deliver results for you. You decide the price for your solution upfront – there is no additional or hidden cost involved.